Client Support Center (CSC)


    Attention DB Users:
  • The 2017 mortality tables published in IRS Notice 2016-50 are available for download. Log into the Client Support Center and download the tables from the Download tab and Tables folder.
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • When considering hardware or software upgrades to your systems (operating system upgrades, new workstation or server, etc.), please call ASC Support or email us PRIOR to making any changes. Your personal consultant will help you address compatibility concerns with ASC as well as providing the best instructions for the specific task ahead.
  • ASC takes information security seriously.
  • To insure the security of your sensitive client information, we ask that ALL Support requests come via this *Secure* CSC Client Support Center web page, where data is encrypted when transferred. This is particularly important when sending us portable copies of plans.
  • Email transmissions are not as secure, so we ask that you avoid sending emails directly to Support or an individual on the Support team. In addition, emails are not automatically logged and tracked in our database. The database is used to monitor turnaround times and assure our service standards are being met. We also use the information to monitor trends in requests for programming enhancements.
  • We strongly recommend that portable copies of cases, as well as reports, use the option to create them with masked or blank SSNs. We do not want or need the SSN except in requests that involve an import of outside data to an ASC case where SSN is used as the Index.